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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Presenters: John Gersting & James Alexander

R and Python Topics


Presenter: John Gersting
Topic: Thoughts on R
John will describe how R interacts with SQL Server using Visual Studio and Machine Learning Services in SQL Server. He will show us examples in the interfaces, as well as describe various usage situations where R and SQL Server are advantageous to use. At the end, John then will entertain us with any questions that anyone might have.



John Gersting

John Gersting is a seasoned and experienced IUPUI Computer and Information Science professor who knows a lot about relational databases and their capabilities. John has been an active IndyPASS member for around a decade.

Presenter: James Alexander

James has provided a link to his slides which can be found here

Topic: Connecting to SQL Server with Python
James will talk about to how to connect to SQL Server with Python using these things called SQL Alchemy and pandas. He also will talk about Python, its value of using it as well as share with us various usage situations and scenarios where it is advantageous to use Python along with SQL Server. In addition, James will discuss what and how “pandas” are used to gather statistical data about application logging metrics of connected devices.



James Alexander

James Alexander is a software developer with 13 years of experience working in .NET, specifically writing C# applications for web and desktop. James started writing Python code in his spare time starting in 2010, when he bought his first Macbook Pro. Since 2017, he has been writing Python Web Apps for clients, and is part of the Cloud Services Team at Leaf Software Solutions, specializing in supporting AWS and Azure infrastructure.


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7:15 - Prize Drawings

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Indianapolis, IN 46202



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Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Speaker: To be announced

Topic: To be announced

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